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The hope for change that everyone wanted did take place, but not quite the way they wanted it.

The government had let down its guard, what with the budget cuts because of overspending something had to give. For years the tidbits of aliens had been let out about Area 51 through movies and rumors of people witnessing their own close encounters. Then in the past decade Hollywood started making hundreds of movies about zombies. One of the first creators was Romero and he let out his thoughts with humans returning from the grave with ‘Night Of The Living Dead’. Taking all that into consideration, along with the time line of spotting those strange lights in the night sky, somewhere along the cracks the secrets were leaking out to the public. It was just everyone chose not to believe it and turn those flesh eating abominations into money making trophies.

However; there was truth in all of it, the CDC was tasked with keeping the truth from us, from smallpox to cloning; the truth was bound to leak out. When it did……. it was too late.

When the government began the cutting, biggest divisions hit were the testing centers, all funding was cut and so was the control. The men that were capable of controlling the warped Dr. Frankenstein wannabes moved to greener pastures. The only ones that remained were the men and women that didn’t just believe in testing on animals but people too. Even worse, every disease known to man, and even a few no one knew of, were left to those same unethical doctors.

With the ineptness of those in charge and lax security it did not take long for the inevitable to happen. Two doctors had developed a cell similar to the ones that had been used to clone animals. This one was a little different, instead of splitting and re-growing new tissue it reanimated dead tissue. It sparked certain neurons in the brain and spinal cord that generated the basic needs of the human body. The needs were breathing, heartbeat, movement and the most basic of all human needs; the need to feed. They were smart enough to know that with it being a blood born pathogen keeping it secure was the utmost importance. Sadly with security being what it was and the medical personnel’s lack of professionalism, the day came when all hell broke loose. Two interns were told to simply shut down the lab and secure the specimen. As the younger one picked it up the other yelled and grabbed at him, he thought it would be funny to scare his team member . The vial the young man was holding dropped to the table and shattered. Bits of glass broke his skin no more than a pinprick, but that was all it took for the specimen blood to mixed with his own. The result wasn’t immediate in fact it took almost four days. The man became ill, fever, followed by stomach cramps and nausea. Soon he was in critical condition as his organs began to shut down. Once at this stage he was praying for death and the answer to that prayer came quick.

The body was taken to the morgue for a postmortem autopsy. The Doctor in charge was just a bit more professional than the clown he was about to exam. As the doctor started the initial cut, the body sat up fully alive…. well not so much alive. It turned and grabbed the doctor sinking it’s teeth into his arm and biting off a large chunk. The doctor fell and the dead man fed for a few moments, then walked out of the morgue at 3 a.m. exiting through a fire door it was now on the loose.

The dead man bit four more that night alone. Those that were bitten also died then arose and bit more. The outbreak was out of control before the government knew what happened. Those who were bitten would die and change within 36 hours. Those who only got scratched, it took a little longer but the result was the same…. The dead came back and reproduced. The old analogy was coming true in a not so good way, “Word of mouth travels fast.”

Three months had gone by. Whole cities had been turned into one large walking grave yard. Only a few had escaped and their numbers were dwindling quickly. The ones that had survived had learned a couple of things.

1) To kill the infected one must kill the brain, and

2) The only way to survive was DAY by DAY…………

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